Our portfolio includes variety of energy infrastructure
assets located across North America, Europe and Asia

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Investment Portfolio North America
Neptune Gas Processing Plant

Date February 2013

Asset Neptune Gas Processing Plant

Investment USD 167 million

TCA Energy, Ltd.

Date November 2013

Asset Albert Ferrier Cardium Asset

Investment CAD 120 million

Cardinal Gas Services

Date October 2014

Asset Wet gas G&P assets

Investment USD 613 million

Luna Energy Facility

Date January 2015

Asset 570MW Natural gas combined cycle power plant

Investment USD 140 million

Global Energy Opportunity Fund I,II

Date April 2015

Asset Energy mezzanine fund

Investment USD 140 million

Date June, 2019

Asset Natural Gas Gathering and Processing plant.

Investment USD 85 million

Date June, December 2018

Asset Natural Gas Gathering and Processing plant, and Salt
Water Disposal facility.

Investment USD 140 million, USD 250million

Samchully Renewable Energy Private Placement Fund 2

Date June 2020

Asset Renewables

Investment AUD 140million

Target Infrastructure Assets
  • Gathering

    Pipeline and compression facility extracting natural gas and crude oil from oil and gas wells.

  • Gas Processing and Fractionation

    Facility removing impurities from natural gas, and separating the remaining NGL into ethane, propane, butane, and etc.

  • Storage

    Storage facilities for natural gas and crude oil such as salt domes, waste oil & gas fields, and storage tanks.

  • Transportation

    Rail and pipeline transporting natural gas and crude oil to distant customers.

  • Export Terminal

    LNG and LPG export terminals such as natural gas liquefaction facilities, storage tanks, and harbor facilities.

  • Power & Utilities

    Infrastructure and facility generating energy from various types of fuel.

  • Renewable Energy

    Solar PV and wind power plant transforming solar energy and wind power into usable energy.

  • Waste Energy

    Power generating infrastructure/facility converting combustible waste into fuel and energy.

Our Assets by sectors

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